Nurseries, Playgroups & Primary Schools

Unlike some of our competitors we take time with each child to capture a series of pictures with a variety of poses. The parents are then presented with a proof card giving them a choice of up to 4 images rather than just a single one. (2 Pose for Primary Schools is an option)
We offer a range of competitively priced packages from single prints to multi-packs containing up to 9 pictures of various sizes, ideal for friends and family.
If you can’t decide which image you like best just pick the “A” Pack option which gives you one large print of each image.
You can order as many or as few as you like, from a single print from one image to multiple packs from several different images. We also offer CD’s of digital images and a wide range of products through our secure on-line ordering service – from mugs, key-rings and mouse mats to large canvas prints.

To order Nursery, Playgroup or Schools Photographs – please go to and enter the security code from your proof card.


Family Weekend Sessions

For Nurseries and Primary Schools, we can also provide weekend sessions. It is often difficult to get siblings to the nursery sessions so weekends give a more flexible option. The same generous commission is offered on weekend sessions so they can be great fund raisers for your PTA.


For individual photos we can supply the Gown, Mortar Board Hat and Certificate. The parents get a lasting memento of their child’s last day at Nursery. We can do both individual and Group photos.

Group Photos

As well as individual photos of your nursery and school children we can also provide composite group photos of a whole class / Year Group. These are generally done in spring time to have for end of term. If the nursery are buying them to give to the children then we offer a discount on the normal parent purchase price.