Nurseries, Schools & Dance-COVID UPDATE

For over 13 years Stark-Images has ben providing a Nursery, Schools & Dance photography service covering Glasgow and Renfrewshire. We specialise in capturing the smiles, laughter and character of the children we work with. We have built a reputation for relaxed, contemporary photography and high-quality products.
With COVID 19 restrictions we are reorganising how we process your photographs after a photo shoot.

We will need to record your email address and childs name on the day of the shoot. We will email you a link to your childs photographs within a couple of days of the shoot. NO PROOF CARDS will be produced – everyone will get their image link at the same time.  All ordering will be done on-line.

To order Nursery, Playgroup or Schools Photographs – please go to and enter the security code from your proof card.

Nursery Graduation – COVID UPDATE

For individual photos we can supply the Gown, Mortar Board Hat and Certificate. As many of you will have missed this opportunity we are offering the use of our gowns and hats in our OUTDOOR SESSIONS – see our Portrait Photography pages.


It is often difficult to get siblings to the nursery sessions so organising a family photo shoot at the weekend give a more flexible option. The same generous commission is offered on weekend sessions so they can be great fund raisers.

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