Family Photography

When was the last time you had a photo of your whole family together? Not just a selfie but an organised shoot? Just you and the kids, just the kids, or Granny and all the grandkids? 

These are special memories that we love to capture.

Getting everyone together can be a hassle but it is so worth it. You will have the picture for many years to come.

Come back regularly for those generation pictures.

1st Birthdays, 1st day at school, last day at school, 18th Birthday, 21st, Graduation, Engagement, first Grandchild, so many special moments crying out to be captured in style. A frozen moment in time to be cherished for ever.

Andy’s relaxed style and infectious humour is guaranteed to put everyone at ease, and he is always up for some fun and nonsense to liven up each session.

You can choose the more formal setting of the studio for some stylish shots or a more relaxed outdoor shoot in you favourite park, picnic spot.