How does my camera work?

Ever wondered ‘How does my camera work?’ or wanted to take the plunge and take the camera off automatic mode? Well, once you understand the basics of photography I will move on to the actual functionality of your camera and how to control the light.

This is a very hands-on training session where you get to play with the controls on your camera one at a time and see the actual effect of changing shutter speed, aperture and ISO


The aperture is the hole in the lens that controls how much light gets through the lens to the chip.

  • The bigger the hole – the more light you get in.
  • The smaller the hole – the less light you get in.

A given lens will have a maximum aperture quoted on the body of the lens and a zoom lens will often have two different aperture numbers quoted.

A typical kit lens you get with your camera will typically have a maximum aperture around F4.5 or F5.6

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